Pennsylvania State, USA


   GeoEngineering deploys ultra-hazardous  technology that

increases toxic climate pollution including sulfur dioxide emissions,

and causes health problems that threaten people, especially children,

birds, bees, wildlife and all of nature.


Link to: Send A Letter To your Representative

Call Today: Let Your Pennsylvania Legislators know that you need them to take immediate action to protect the people in our communities and our precious wildlife & natural resources!


Sample phone message:  

(Please keep calls brief, courteous and professional) 

“Good Morning / Afternoon,  


I’m calling to let Senator / Representative_________ know that my family and community

strongly supports Anti-GeoEngineering legislation for Pennsylvania State, so that present

and future generations of Pennsylvanians can breathe clean air, drink pure water and enjoy

life in a healthy environment.   


GeoEngineering methods like Solar Radiation Management (SRM), Stratospheric Aerosol

Injection (SAI), Carbon Capture Sequestration (CCS) deliberately generate tons of ultra-

hazardous emissions into the air we breathe, subjecting present and future generations to

polluted air and water with  forced involuntary exposure to harmful toxic pollution.



I would like Senator (or Representative) _________ to introduce Anti-GE legislation so that

PA will fulfill it’s obligation, described in the Pennsylvania Commonwealth’s organic

charter, specifically  Section 27 of the Declaration of  Rights in the Pennsylvania Constitution  

which says:


“The people have a right to clean air, pure water, and to the

preservation of the natural, scenic, historic and esthetic

values of the environment.  Pennsylvania’s public natural

resources are the common property of all the people,

including generations yet to come.  As trustee of these

resources, the Commonwealth shall conserve and maintain

them for the benefit of all the people.

PA. CONST. art. I, § 27 (the “Environmental Rights Amendment”).

 –  I would like a written response about the Senator’s  (or

Representative’s) position to protect Pennsylvania from reckless

GE polluters, and to introduce & champion Anti-GeoEngineering

legislation as soon as possible.   Thank you.”



Senator John DiSanto 717-787-6801

Representative Michael Carroll  717-787-3589

Representative  Ed Pashinski, 717-783-0686

Representative Sid Kavulich, Taylor, PA office-570-562-2350, toll free 1-877-295-4937; Carbondale, PA 570-282-1335

Senator McGarrigle, (717) 787-1350; (610) 853-4100

Representatives Charlton (717) 787-1248, (610) 544-9878

Representative Santora (717) 783-8808; (610) 789-2695

Representative Bullock  (215) 684-3738; (717) 787-3480

Representative  Comitta, (717) 705-2075; (610) 696-4990

Senator Killion, (717 787-4712; (610) 436-3320

Senator Dinniman, (717) 787-5709; (610) 692-2112

Senator Tomlinson (717) 787-5072; (215) 638-1784 

Senator Greenleaf, (717) 787-6599; (215) 657-7700

Senator Yaw (717) 787-3280; (570) 322-6457

Representative Snyder (717) 783-3797

Representative Davis (717) 783-1018

Representative Maher (717) 783-1522

Representative McNeill (717) 772-9902

Representative Deasy (717) 772-8187

Representative Harris (717) 787-7172





GeoEngineering Footprints in Pennsylvania:


Havertown, PA Rain 5/19/17 4ZG

 what goes up…?






Did you know?


Pennsylvania was one of 4 USA states to ban cloud seeding in 1967.

The other USA states were Maryland, West Virginia, and Illinois.


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