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You are my elected legislator. Through my study, I am aware of geoengineering programs and the harmful and destructive impact of cloud-seeding, aerosol injection, and other methods of weather engineering to our health and our environment.
Like most Americans, I am OPPOSED to past [1] and current policy [6] in the United States that allows cloud-seeding and weather engineering activities, involving the intentional contamination of our atmosphere with harmful emissions [14].
According to open-source documentation, chemical cloud-seeding has been ongoing in America for over 70 years. [2]
Decades of cloud seeding has resulted in severe weather extremes such as drought, flooding, and increased explosive fire hazard. These conditions are to be expected as a result of aerosol via cloud-seeding, according to scientific studies.[3]
The United States participates in meteorological programs organized by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) [4], whose programs require close scrutiny and regulatory oversight.

According to the 2016-2023 WMO GAW Implementation Plan [5], such programs include weather interventions which disperse contaminants called, “aerosols” and hazardous physical agents such as RF/MW Radiation: “GAW also supports the enhancement of aviation meteorological services through research of atmospheric aerosol dispersion.”

Such hazardous atmospheric activities are established scientifically, technically, in patents, in funding programs, and through analyses of rainwater samples.

Finally, in October 2022, the White House announced a 5-year program to spray sulfur dioxide (SO2) aerosols into the atmosphere in a program called stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI). [6] Sulfur dioxide is very harmful according to PubChem and PubMed.[7][8]

NOAA Chemical Sciences Laboratory (CSL) is scheduled to begin operations this summer. [9] According to CSL’s disclosure, additional hazardous agents besides sulfur dioxide are listed in their payload.[10]

Rhode Island and Connecticut are the first states to introduce legislation to prevent and prohibit the intentional release of aerosol and other harmful emissions.[11][12] Our State needs to quickly introduce and pass similar legislation!

Everyone has the right to clean air, clean water, and a healthful environment, though this basic right is not possible with the intentional polluting of our air.

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