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GeoEngineering methods release hazardous substances into our atmosphere including unnatural electromagnetic radiation pollution and other toxic agents like aluminum and sulfur dioxide, contributing to severe health problems that threaten people, especially children, birds, bees, wildlife and all of nature.


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Call To Action: We Do Not Consent To GeoEngineering!



Link To 2007 New Jersey Environmental Primer page 3 & 4:

Sample phone message:  

(Please keep calls brief, courteous and professional) 

“Good Morning / Afternoon,  


I’m calling to let Senator / Representative_________ know that my family and community

strongly supports Anti-GeoEngineering legislation for New Jersey State, so that present

and future generations of New Jersey residents can breathe clean air, drink pure water and

enjoy life in a healthy environment.   


GeoEngineering methods like Solar Radiation Management (SRM), Stratospheric Aerosol

Injection (SAI), Carbon Capture Sequestration (CCS) deliberately generate tons of ultra-

hazardous emissions into the air we breathe, subjecting present and future generations to

harmful pollution and  forced involuntary exposure to known-to-be-toxic




I would like Senator (or Representative) _________ to introduce Anti-GE legislation so that

New Jersey will fulfill it’s obligation to protect the people, wildlife, natural resources and

economy of our great state.

I would like a written response regarding the Senator’s (or Representative’s) position to

protect New Jersey  from reckless climate polluters, and to introduce & champion

Anti-GeoEngineering legislation as soon as possible.  Thank you.”


Call Today: Let Your New Jersey Garden Sate Legislators know that you need them to take immediate action to protect the people in our communities and our precious wildlife & natural resources!

LINK to find your New Jersey State Assembly Member

Assemblyman Taliaferro
Staff: Chris DeStratis

Assemblyman Houghtaling
Staff: Tom Little

Assemblyman Tim Eustace
Staff: D. Grant

Senator Bob Smith

Senator Cory Booker
Staff: William Moen
Staff: Zach McCue


Ocean, New Jersey January 15, 2018

Glen Rock, New jersey rain January 11. 2018

New Jersey Snow 1-5-18

Photo by J. Waskosky

LINK to contact info for New Jersey State Legislature



For more info contact Us @ to connect with other New Jersey State Residents who are advocating for Anti-GEOENGINEERING legislation in The Garden State!


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Photo by J. Waskosky

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International liability for transboundary damage arising from stratospheric aerosol injections  Link

Photo by J. Waskosky


A Plan for the next phase in Weather Modification Science and Technology Development   2005



Geoengineering Schemes

Agriculture Defense Coalition