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GeoEngineering methods release hazardous emissions into our atmosphere including unnatural electromagnetic radiation pollution and other toxic agents like aluminum and sulfur dioxide, contributing to severe health problems that threaten people, especially children, birds, bees, wildlife and all of nature.


Australia – Rain-making Control Act 1967

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Would appreciate your response on this most urgent matter. Verifiable primary source references provided below.
Through my study, I am aware of Australian rain-making operations, weather modification programs and the harmful and destructive impact of cloud-seeding, aerosol injection, and international weather and climate engineering activities: Please see past and current programs: Geoengineering World Map
The conclusion of the article draws attention to the lack of public consent and liability issues for weather modification.
Efforts to establish governance of SRM geoengineering, SAI and other hazardous atmospheric experimentation are being promoted by the EUPakistanthe VaticanUNGermanyUS Congress, and academicswithout public input or consent. 
Like most Australians, I do not consent to past and current policy in Australia that allows rain-making activities, which involve the intentional polluting of our atmosphere:
According to Australian Rain Technology, chemical cloud-seeding has been ongoing for 70 years in Australia.
Decades of cloud seeding has resulted in severe climate imbalances such as drought, flooding, and increased explosive fire hazard. These conditions are to be expected as a result of cloud-seeding, according to scientific studies:


There is an international moratorium on geoengineering but Australia is not a signatory.


2010 Countries Agree to Ban Geoengineering

Australia’s rain-making policy is unacceptable and needs to be repealed in its entirety because “making rain” in one area requires “stealing rain” from surrounding areas. Weather engineering causes weather imbalances, contaminates the air, water, and land and must be banned.  


Urging you to take legislative action to prohibit atmospheric experimentation including rain-making and weather modification. 

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you,


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Zero Geoengineering Australia




Mexico Bans Geoengineering:







[6] 2010 Countries Agree to Ban Geoengineering

[7] Solar geoengineering by injecting aluminum oxide aerosol into the lower stratosphere is a serious threat to global mental health

[8] Australian Government acknowledges Geoengineering dangers

[9] SB 217


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Aviation Meteorological Services | Australian Bureau of Meteorology

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How Australians are making it rain

Australia – Cloud Seeding – Rain Making – Weather Modification – Solar GeoEngineering 1967 – 2018


Rainwater tests Wollongong, Australia
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Rainwater tests Wollongong, Australia
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