Small groups of politically aligned international globalist financiers and scientists are making all important  decisions about the use and development of Geoengineering and global governance in international conferences and forums without Public knowledge or consent.

For this reason, we are urging individuals, states and nations to follow Rhode Island’s lead to push for Geoengineering specific laws and regulations  to protect the environment, economy, agriculture, wildlife, Public health and safety from dangerous  Geoengineering and weather modification schemes.

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People in Canada and throughout the world are aware of the harmful impacts of atmospheric contaminants released upon the Public and the environment through Geoengineering and weather modification via cloud seeding. Without Public agreement or consent, weather modification activities are ongoing between the US and Canada.

Recent lab tests indicate that contaminants from such operations include without limitation barium, strontium, aluminum, and sulfur dioxide.


Geoengineering cloud seeding pollutants are not lawfully released, as they are included in the US EPA Hazardous Substance List of 2012: 


1.) The recent unanimously passed U.S. Federal bill, H.R. 353, has formally initiated weather intervention research experiments without Citizen or State input, oversight, or consent, also directly affects Canadians.

H.R. 353 ‘‘Weather Research and Forecasting Innovation Act of 2017″

The unacceptable overreach of  climate intervention without informed Public knowledge and consent, violates the liberty and justice of every individual, as well as the Nuremberg Code.


2.) Risky Geoengineering experiments are underway:


MIT Technology Review – Harvard Scientists Moving Ahead on Plans for Atmospheric Geoengineering Experiments:

3.) China and Russia are also engaged in Geoengineering and weather modification experiments:

Geoengineering pollution damages the quality of Earth’s atmosphere, air, water, and landmasses, harming all living organisms exposed to them.

Pollinators and bees are particularly under siege by such operations, and all People are to some extent harmed by them.  


I do not consent to any type of Geoengineering activity, and hereby urge you to support efforts to prohibit Geoengineering for any purpose, stated or unstated.

This includes all current Geoengineering, weather modification activities, and all tropospheric cloud seeding in and above Canada.

4.) Canadians require anti-geoengineering health and safety laws and regulations, similar to the recently introduced Rhode Island bill below, to protect against unlawful predatory Geoengineering practices, air pollution-generating activities, and hazardous experiments:


Looking forward to your quick reply and swift action regarding essential anti-geongineering legislation for Canada!

Thank you,

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May 10, 2017

By Suzanne Maher

Operation Gas Pump is Here – A World Wide Call to Action Start Waking Up the World Today!

Help make this initiative global, insert a Bye Bye Blue Sky business card after you go to fill up gas.  A simple, yet extremely effective calling card to wake people up to the toxic aerosol dumps. Be creative and also leave the cards at restaurants, beauty salons, advertising boards in shopping malls, health clinics, gyms.  The “sky” is the limit.  Keep “paying it forward” so we can reach thousands upon thousands of people with our message.

You may purchase the business cards directly through Bye Bye Blue Sky or Pam Jones (  50 cards for $10 or 100 cards for $20.  All donations received for cards will go to funding billboards. Pam Jones will be looking at getting a board up in California with the funds we receive from the business cards.


Operation Gas Pump is a fun “thumb your nose at the chumps”

Spraying their toxic aerosol dumps

Let’s turn the tables and give them a few lumps

Insert a Bye Bye buiness card in all the gas pump slots

Then away you will happily trot

Until the arrival of the next lot

Arrive to get their gas

They will pick up their pass

And continue the thread

The global initiative will spread

Truth with persistence

We are the Constructive Resistance!!


Thank you to Suzanne Maher and Pam Jones!







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Thank you to Jerome Devenish!






Thank you to Bernadette Gervais Greene!

@ Geoengineering Awareness Group Canada 




Call Action of the Week:

If you live in Cambridge,
Call or Email Brian May’s Office

to urge an immediate

Ban On All Geoengineering Activities

Including cloud seeding and weather modification programs.


Thanks to Chad Casarin @ Covert Reality!