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Our Weather is Controlled

The toxic substances which climate engineers ‘propose’ spraying are now being found in alarmingly high quantities in blood, rain and soil tests all around the world. This so called global warming ‘remedy’ is destroying the entire web of life and equates to planetary suicide.
Aluminium alone is directly linked to Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism and Cancer. Dementia is now the No.1 killer in the UK and air pollution is officially the single greatest environmental health risk worldwide. In 2015 it was announced that Bees now even have Dementia. The devastating impacts these programs are having on life on earth are incalculable.

Ireland and UK blitzed by Jet trails 16/6/16


GeoEngineering methods release hazardous emissions into our atmosphere including unnatural electromagnetic radiation pollution and other toxic agents like aluminum and sulfur dioxide, contributing to severe health problems that threaten people, especially children, birds, bees, wildlife and all of nature.

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This message is regarding environmental preservation and air quality.

Like most people in Ireland, I do not consent to SRM or any other geoengineering experiments. Solar Radiation Modification (SRM) geoengineering to alter atmospheric conditions involves the intentional release of polluting emissions to block sunlight and is known to cause climate extremes such as flooding and drought.

See the June 2023 White House Report: “Congressionally Mandated Research Plan and an Initial Research Governance Framework Related to Solar Radiation Modification.”

Mexico has banned geoengineering, citing negative effects of aerosols including causing weather imbalances: La experimentación con geoingeniería solar no será permitida en México | Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales | Gobierno | (

Tennessee banned Geoengineering and eight other USA States have introduced similar legislation this year.

Bill Text: TN SB2691 | 2023-2024 | 113th General Assembly | Chaptered | LegiScan

International Geoengineering programs have transboundary impacts:  Geoengineering Map  

Everyone in Ireland deserves clean air, clean water, and a healthy environment but this is impossible for everyone because Ireland does not prohibit SRM geoengineering experiments.  This policy gap implies consent for geoengineering, allowing for SRM activities to occur.

Urging you and your colleagues to take legislative action to close the policy gap by prohibiting SRM geoengineering, providing penalties and enforcement for violations.

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Rain Sample Analysis

March 15, 2018 Balbriggan Co. Dublin, Ireland


Limerick City, Ireland February 22, 2018


Balbriggan Co., Dublin, Ireland February 2., 2018