Map of Lab Test Reports

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  • Zoom in and out and drag the map to see your area of interest.
  • Hovering over the map pin will display city and date of test.
  • Tapping/Clicking the map pin will bring up the title and a thumbnail of the lab report.
  • Clicking on that thumbnail image will display full size lab report. (Use browser’s BACK button to return to map.)
  • The map can be expanded to take up your full screen by clicking/tapping the fullscreen control on the upper-right corner of the map. (Note: full screen not available on iOS devices)

Index of Lab Test Reports

  • Alphabetical by location name
  • Tapping/Clicking “View on Map” will take you to that location on the map and display a small image of the lab report. (If the map is off screen, you may have to scroll to it.)

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Rain and snow is an accurate measure of what is in our air.

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