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GeoEngineering methods release hazardous substances into our atmosphere including unnatural electromagnetic radiation pollution and other toxic agents like aluminum and sulfur dioxide, contributing to severe health problems that threaten people, especially children, birds, bees, wildlife and all of nature.



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“Cloud Seeding” – Archives of Maryland, Volume 0676, Page 0202 – Session Laws, 1965 / 1983 / 2005

Did You Know?

 Maryland enacted a law to prohibit cloud seeding in 1965!



“Cloud Seeding” / Archives of Maryland, Volume 0676, Page 0202 – Session Laws, 1965 / 1983

by a yea and nay vote supported by three-fifths of the members
elected to each of the two houses of the General Assembly, the same shall take effect from the date of its passage.

Approved March 30, 1965.

“AN ACT to add new Section 110A to Article 66C of the Annotated
Code of Maryland (1957 Edition), title “Natural Resources”, sub-
title “Agriculture”, to follow immediately after Section 110 thereof and to be under the new sub-heading “Cloud Seeding”, to prohibit persons in the State from engaging in weather modification by means of cloud seeding or otherwise, to prohibit the use of ground generators for weather modification, both for a limited period of time and to provide for the automatic expiration of this Act.”

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Link to THE MORNING HERALD, HAGERSTOWN, MD. November 10, 1965 Page 2 article text – 


Gov. Scranton signed into law Tuesday a bill prohibiting rainmaking or other weather tampering in counties where Ihe county commissioners would consider such activity detrimental. The act is e f f e c t i v e immediately. Violation of the law is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not more than $1,000 and-or imprisonment not more than one year. The bill prohibits certain weather modification activities whenever the county commissioners shall adopt a resolution stating that such action is detrimental to the welfare of the county. This bill was one of several on the controversial matter introduced in the state legislature this session. Provisions of the measure prohibit use of airplanes or ground based generators. The act bans such a c t i v i t y as rainmaking, cloud-seeding and hail chasing in those counties where the commissioners would object.


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