Britons For A Clean Atmosphere

  Britons For A Clean Atmosphere 

GeoEngineering methods release hazardous emissions into our atmosphere including unnatural electromagnetic radiation pollution and other toxic agents like aluminum and sulfur dioxide, contributing to severe health problems that threaten people, especially children, birds, bees, wildlife and all of nature.



Small groups of financiers and scientists are making all important  decisions about the use and development of Geoengineering and global governance in international conferences and forums without Public knowledge or consent.



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You are my elected legislator. Through my study, I am aware of international weather modification programs and the harmful and destructive impact of cloud seeding, weather modification, and other methods of Geoengineering.

The UK participates in meteorological programs organized by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), whose programs require close scrutiny and regulatory oversight.

According to the 2016-2023 WMO GAW Implementation Plan above, such programs include weather interventions which disperse contaminants called, “aerosols” and hazardous physical agents such as RF/MW Radiation.
Such hazardous atmospheric activities are established scientifically, technically, in patents, in funding programs, and through analyses of rainwater samples.
Attached please find independent lab test results of UK rain samples that contain patented geoengineering contaminants, indicating cloud seeding pollution.
Cloud-seeding is contaminating our air, water, and land and must be banned. Everyone has the right to clean air, clean water, and a healthful environment, though this basic right is not possible with the intentional polluting of our air.

Looking forward to your quick response and very much appreciate your strong leadership for a clean atmosphere for the people of the UK.

Thank you,

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The Regulation of Geoengineering



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Geoengineering Pollution Footprints — UK:

Brighton, UK Rain March 29 2018


England Rain January 21, 2018


Wirksworth, Derbyshire UK August 17, 2022 Rain Sample Test


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geoengineering-20in-20the-20eu-final.pdf (

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 END GeoEngineering, Weather Modification, Cloud Seeding and other Polluting/Hazardous Atmospheric Activities!





 Weather Modification Action Report 1 – 5 May 2014 – No. 10 Downing Street, London, UK  May 5, 2014


Directive to Ban Stratospheric Aerosol GeoEngineering and Aerial Aerosol Spraying in the United Kingdom:

A public demand to ban stratospheric aerosol GeoEngineering, weather modification, cloud seeding and the deliberate aerial spraying of chemical aerosols.