ABOUT ORGONITE or ORGONE ENERGY Electro Magnetic Frequencies
Orgone is simply another name for prana, Ki, reiki, ether, spirit, zero point energy. The term was coined by Dr. William Reich, who provided the base understanding of combining organic and inorganic materials to affect energy in the 1930’s. It wasn’t until the 1990’s that resin and quartz was added to Reich’s basic principle to produce what is commonly known as Orgonite. These devices tap into the universal life force energy that is in and around all of life. This universal energy is imbalanced by EMF radiation from cell towers, power lines, electronics, etc. As electro-magnetic beings we are naturally affected by this imbalance, by combining organic (resin, carbon- based) and inorganic (metals, crystals, carbon-derivative) materials. Orgonite effectively “scrubs” this imbalanced energy and generates positive, balanced energy. The resin constantly applies pressure on the crystals, “squeezing” them and producing piezoelectric energy that is absorbed into the wearer’s electro-magnetic field and into the chakra energy centres of the body. Those sensitive to etheric energy can feel this effect but even if you can’t it still works just the same. How Orgonites can help you. A piece of Orgonite is simply a combination of metal and Quartz Crystals Orgonite also has additional benefits depending on the crystal combinations and/or other elements. For example, lapis lazuli orgonite enhances spirituality and intuition. Turquoise orgonite promotes creativity and healing. Your favourite Crystal/healing centre can help you select some Crystals to assist you with a desired outcome. More and more people are becoming concerned about the environment around them, the damaging polluted air we live and work in are turning to Energy devices such as Orgonite to help alleviate these effects. Our modern environment is filled with machines , power stations, transmitters and Electro Magnetic radiation and other negative energies (TV, radio, mobile phones, broadband signals, pollution, and last but not least Geo Engineering) these don’t just negatively affect nature they affect us too. We are subject to roughly 100 million times the amount of Electro-Magnetic radiation as our Grandparents did. • Orgonite turns negative energy into positive energy (Deadly ORgone into Positive Orgone) • They help purify the atmosphere around us, as well as detoxifies water, water that has been rested on a charging plate tastes better. • Works against harmful EMF radiation, mitigating damaging effects. • Encourages plant and vegetable growth. • Amplifies and inspires a happier more positive mood. • Assists in the awakening of your inner psychic senses. information to review. Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Energy, Orgonics Wilhelm Reich Orgone Accumulators and Products, Organise yourself, DISCLAIMER Orgone and crystal energy should never replace medical treatment and advice. They should only be used as a compliment to care by a licensed physician or health care professional.
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