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Our Weather is Controlled


The toxic substances which climate engineers ‘propose’ spraying are now being found in alarmingly high quantities in blood, rain and soil tests all around the world. This so called global warming ‘remedy’ is destroying the entire web of life and equates to planetary suicide. Aluminium alone is directly linked to Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism and Cancer. Dementia is now the No.1 killer in the UK and air pollution is officially the single greatest environmental health risk worldwide. In 2015 it was announced that Bees now even have Dementia. The devastating impacts these programs are having on life on earth are incalculable.


Ireland and UK blitzed by Jet trails 16/6/16

This is our new website, all of us who are doing our utmost to alert humanity to the engineered extermination of life on earth.


Please download all the new updated flyers from the ‘Taking action’ section which includes our new web address. And when we go out on the streets remember that none of us can do everything but all of us can do something, every action we take resonates throughout the universe. May this be the year the vicious mass murdering NWO empire falls 🙂

 –   Terry Lawton



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