Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Sulfur 



Telluride, CO 7/25/17 4ZG


Davenport, Iowa 6/28/17 4ZG




East Greenwich, Rhode Island Rain 6/24/17 / 4ZG


Havertown, PA Rain 5/19/17 4ZG




Dayton, Ohio Rain 4ZG / 5/15/17


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Renton, WA Rain 6/20/17 4ZG


Renton, WA 6/20/17 Rain 4ZG Al / Ba / Str


Varpolata, Hungary
4ZG / Rain


Meggett, South Carolina / 4ZG

Clarksville, Tennessee / 4ZG


Dunnellon, Florida / 4ZG

Libertyville, Illinois 3/30/17

Summertown, Tennessee
Rain Sampled 4/22/17



4ZG Providence, Rhode Island


Boulder, Colorado  4/20/17

4ZG Grayslake, Illinois 3/24/17



4ZG Coventry, Rhode Island 3/24/17



4ZG Radford, Virginia 3/18/17


Bye Bye Blue Sky


4ZG Swedesboro, New Jersey



4ZG Phillipsburg, New Jersey

4ZG Mill Valley, California Rain


4ZG 2/16/17 Standish, Maine snow

4ZG Queens, New York



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4ZG Illinois Rain 1-11-17


4ZG Plainfield, Illinois
March 2, 2017





4ZG 1/20/17 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania RAIN




4ZG Queens New York
January 2017





4ZG Pleasonton, California Rain  



4ZG Radford, Virginia Rain
November 2016




4ZG Maine Rain October 2016



4ZG Baltimore Maryland Rain Test August 2016





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Baltimore Maryland Snow Test March 2016

4ZG Baltimore, Maryland  Snow



High in the sky, aerosols from airplane exhaust become encased in ice and form the bright contrails seen in a plane’s wake. (limpido/iStock)



Chicago / Wisconsin

4ZG Libertyville Illinois Snow Test April 2016



Libertyville Illinois-Pickerel-Wisconsin

4ZG Libertyville, Illinois Pickerel, Wisconsin





South Australia Sept-8-16

4ZG South Australia September 2016



Worldwide Civilian Action Team

4ZG South Australia July 2016



The Worldwide Civilian Action Team is proud to support the efforts of activists everywhere by sponsoring rain tests and shipping costs if needed.


Design by Domenic Marrama



We are collecting rainwater samples to document evidence of the #Geoengineering “footprint,” that we are capturing in our precipitation around the world.  #ItsNotJustWaterVapor  #ZeroGeoengineering

Precipitation is a 100% accurate measure of what is in our air.

Contact us if you’re interested in getting your rain tested!

This GoFundMe is to help cover the costs of activist rain tests and shipping fees.

Thank you for participating, sharing your results or chipping in if you can  🙂


 ZG-Sponsored Rain Testing GoFundMe